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English Russia
English Russia
Daily selected things from Russia and ex USSR countries. Published In English.

  • Russian Billionaires and Their Young Women
    What was considered a bad social practice now is fine and even in sort of trend: Russian older men getting married or befriending young women. Plenty of pairs around where wives look more like daughters. Rich men are especially noted … Read more...

  • Examples of Russian Landscape Design
    Some examples of  Russian everyday landscape design of apartment building courtyards mainly. Usually to decorate the place all sort of discarded stuff is used. People take stuff from their garages, dachas etc and bring on. Old cart parts, tires, plastic … Read more...

  • Twenty Five Years Ago in Russia and Beyond..
    These are the series of events that happened in Russia and some other ex-Soviet countries in 1992, twenty five years ago. Starting with a Boris Yeltsin giving speech for both houses of US parliament, June 17, 1992. People selling vodka … Read more...

  • Soviet Explorers on the North Pole
    These photos were made in 1950s-1960s. Those are Soviet North Pole explorers, pilots and scientists, people who spent over one year on the pole without going to the mainland.  

  • Nostalgic Photographs from USSR
    Yet another set of positive photos from Soviet country.  

  • Examples of Russian People Smuggling Stuff Across the Border
    Here are a few examples of recently caught smugglers and their tricks to bypass border and custom security.  

  • Russian Lake Turned Green
    A lake near Nizhny Tagil city changed its color to green. Law enforcement try to investigate as this is the tap water source for the  city.  

  • Foreign Tourist Visits USSR
    Photos made by a foreign tourist Zackary Hoffman on his visits to USSR in 1964-1972. Photos being made in different cities of the Soviet country.  

  • Only in Russia Photos, Part 18
    A new selection of “Only in Russia” photographs.    

  • Russian People Fixing Things [photos]
    They say Russian people are savvy – they can do things out of nothing. Here is a collection of photos Russian people fixing things in not so trivial ways.

  • Svetlana Last Person Who Was Born in Pripyat
    1507032035126529861Svetlana Alexeenko is considered to be the last person who was born in Pripyat, place where nuclear power plant exploded. She was born April 26th, 1986, ten hours after the nuclear accident happened there.     She didn’t stay long … Read more...

  • Life of the Researchers at Russian Polar Island
    Heis island is located in Franz-Joseph archipelago in Northern Ocean. Far from civilization those people living there made their own little world where they routinely spend their days. The island has a polar space observatory since USSR times. Also meteorogical … Read more...

  • Unusual Passengers of Russian Subways 3
    Another collection of photos made in Moscow and other subways spotting people that look something stranely than normal.  

  • Aftermath of Explosions in Ukrainian Ammo Warehouse
    A fire happened on the Army ammo warehouse in Kalinovka village, Ukraine causing a big accident for nearby houses and people. Here are some aftermath photos. Over 2,000 people trying to resolve the situation now – find the unexploded ammo … Read more...

  • Lada Niva Customized Cars
    Russian LADA NIVA is one of the most favorite Russian cars exported abroad because it was probably the cheapest 4×4 offroad car you can buy for a long time in European countries. Here are some photos from Russian and world … Read more...

  • UFO in Russia Last Night Which Was Actually an ICBM
    IMG_2017-09-27 09:43:28People of Russian South started posting pictures of “UFO” they saw last night. However now the most plausible explanation for this is ICBM. These are examples of photos people were seeing. What is ICBM? It stands for Intercontinetal Ballistic Missile, … Read more...

  • Moscow Photos Back from 1867
    Those photographs are already 140 years old. They were made from top of the Christ the Redeemer Church in Moscow, showing panoramic views of the city. The view of the Kremlin and the bridge is pretty much reminding the modern … Read more...

  • Only in Russia photos, part 17
    New “Only in Russia” photo series, this time number seventeen. Enjoying viewing those. What happened here is not clear but the moto driver was peacefully sleeping. Navigation.  

  • First Chechen War Photos
    Twenty-three years ago a first Chechen war was starting taking place in this Southern region of Russia named Chechnya, or Chechen Republic Ichkeriya at the moment the war started. Here are some photos, mainly from a Chechen capital city Grozny or … Read more...

  • Russian military vehicles of the year 2023
    pb_sketch002The near future designs of Russian military vehicles by the Gojkovic Design Bureau/a Serbian concept artist Nenad Gojkovic. Nenad is a professional concept artist specialized in prop, vehicle and architecture design for the entertainment industry.  For creation of his designs, … Read more...

  • More Photos of Kids playgrounds in Russia
    If you prepare to relocate your family to Russia – be prepared your kids going to visit one of those.

  • Man from Belarus Made a Hobbit House
    Man from Mirny village in Belarus decided to build an “eco-house” with his own hands. The results looks like very much like a hobbit house. The house has round windows and is made out of dirt and clay mixed with … Read more...